The skate

Welcome noble advisers 
You’ve skated this lake before 
Made the mistakes we are yet to make 
Returned hands fresh from the fall

Your impact will be instant  
Give us confidence 
A new found protection 
A sky high fortress 

So long as accountability still drips it’s rain 
So long as listening seeps down to our committed hearts 
So long as experimenting continues unrelenting
So long as leading is not a second thought  

Our success 
Lies with us
Like yours 
Gone before us  

This frozen lake beckons
To skate it’s ridges 
To fail or to fall
Will be our mission abridged

Your council we seek 
To get us far 
Spot the pitfalls 
Raise our bar 

Yet no two paths are exactly alike  
Where structures align, details differ 
Our route will not be dealt to us 
But by us

The moment belongs to this team
Who dare to give their skin
We’ll lean on your council  
Where the ice wears thin