An organic child

I pick life from the blackened earth 
A one pop pull and through 
With spikes green and an orange tube 
Now ascending, from the blue 

Her dry skin of ordinary touch 
And soft hands yet to feel 
Now clasp food the rain makes 
She intuitively knows its real 

But time will tell it’s story 
Slowly and begrudgingly so 
For the truth will bare it’s naked fact 
That food, it cannot grow 

Drugs and pills litter fields
In every square but this 
It’s rare to find your food grown 
From nature’s natural lips 

Maybe she’ll live to a greater age 
That knows not of this place 
Where only the elements of god bathe 
The ground with nourishing grace 

Yet she’ll have been here now, today
Just the once in her early youth 
To pick her dinner from sturdy ground  
Lived it’s glorious truth