Strawberry leaves

Invisible to me 
It repeats
An endless cycle
My careless eye
Catches detail 
Without context 
Systems of humans 
Appear self made 
Will I care to notice 
They are not 

This strawberry leaf 
Droops like her sisters fruit 
Lightly weighing 
On her mothers arm 
Lipstick petals 
With pale green rims 
Enclose her jewel 
Now protected 
Like a child 

This tree of birth 
Short and stocky 
Firm to the floor 
Pyramid shaped 
Celebrates hierarchy 
It’s top down approach 
By creating beauty 
From its order 
From its system 

My ignorance 
Rarely connects 
What binds life here 
The beauty I notice 
Created by systems I miss   
Like strawberry's 
Made from leaves 
On a tree
I wander