From the brown

Roots tumble 
From the brown
Bathing her feet 
Into finer health  
Now she’s up  
Climbing above the eyeline

Roots born 
From the brown 
Revealed by a tide gone now
To the distant lake 
Further than can be reached 
Or returned

Roots work 
Preparing her with 
What she needs 
Against the forces 
Of wither and 

Roots break 
And bow 
Their fragility known
Only to those  
Raising their toes 
From the dirt

Roots cave  
When their grip has been
Fingers powerless to hold 
The coming and going 
Endless holding  

Roots stretch 
Under sodden silt  
For wealth 
We are blind to
Under us 

Roots search 
For answers that go 
Years forgotten 
Now upturned 
To the air