Wandering afternoons with family

A city to wander
An afternoon to ponder
A sober mind to dwell
How to spend a life well

Family is never questioned
And rightly never sectioned
For people may pass
But some bonds last

Bonds that give space for questions
Reveal vulnerability and emotion
A life long search
To find ones earth

A sad goodbye
To a special guy
Just got back, milo seems glad
He says hi Grandad


A web of thrills and spills 
A holding for you to choose 
A crunch that tends to bite 
A power with lots to lose 

The shit that matters
The shit that other people sort out 
A mood that swings with little reason 
A money tree ready to sprout 


Dog on the train 
At it again 
I’m going insane  

One person plays 
One person groans 
Take the dog home 

Bring the dog in 
Or stay in the flat?
Give me a Cat

The Boss

Council flat
Silver spoon 
Food bank
Dinner soon 

Find work


Bin man
The boss

The first canal

To walk along the river,
A crisp morning with crunch underfoot
Is to clear your head of concern or simmer 
No time for the congested or familiar 

Rhythms pull in directions 
Most are straight no curves 
Others with bends and ramifications 
How to choose 

Daylight breaks early 
The water sparkles bright 
How the winter has come fairly 
Pushing through January swiftly 

Every two weeks we change places 
Up and down the canals we trade 
The same hellos and the same faces 
But the season pushes through 

Leave some space

Leave some space for god in this 
I can’t be sure but I can’t dismiss 
Let science decide the laws of force 
The rhythm of life has set its course 

Leave some space to chase the sun  
Your life has only just begun 
Try not to fear the lands unknown 
They wont appear all on their own 

Leave some space for a laugh or three
It could be worse you could be me 
Don’t be grumpy it’s not all shite
Just look at your dad he turned out alright  

Leave some space for love and dance 
It only appears if you take a chance 
It’s not always obvious but soon you’ll see
It was your mums love that set me free 

Nah not me

Things are going way too good 
Just the way I thought they would
Hit the numbers I said we’d hit 
Out in front and we’re the shit 

Like an eary breeze the mist sweeps in
A cloud with truth wafer thin
That old self doubt is here to last 
The play is written and the set is cast

I’ll watch from the stalls 
Observe the brawls 
No chance it’s me 
How could it be 

Balls I’m up, huh, what the fuck 
Thought I was watching and now I’m in luck?
Ok I’ll improvise and see how it goes 
Find the courage and get back on my toes 

I don’t care

I don’t care what they say
I don’t give a fuck
I know who I am 
I’ll keep riding my luck  

I’m Ben that’s right
They don’t know me 
Even if they did 
I can let it be 

On a bad day it might hit 
Only a jab nothing big 
I don’t take it to heart 
Or let it ponder or dig 

Only on occasion I pause
To dwell or delay 
It only hurts sometimes
The nasty things they say 


It seems to me, that gravity 
Holds birds and bees, trees and leaves
Near the ground, without a sound
It can’t be found, but we are bound

Bound to the places, our bases 
Real spaces and human faces 
The power that grips the ships 
And flips the drips

A force of sorts
Without remorse or changing course 
Joins tight day and night 
All in sight but light 

Known but never shown 
A bone you don’t own 
A heart flown but not sewn 
A clone all alone