This brisk walk might get me there 
To city streets and London air 
I make the train, seconds to spare 
Find my seat and fix my hair 

The bulking trees of Earlsfield clear 
Brick top roofs of ‘Claham’ appear 
My journeys south start from here 
But I’m heading north, london is near 

Vauxhall means trains and not much else 
I’m here every day but come by myself 
Men and women of pittance and wealth 
Give it worth, but not in of itself  

Our final stop at Waterloo 
Sparkly buildings all shiny and new 
A city to throw my all into 
Couldn’t escape if I wanted to  

My escape

That green scent of spring tickles my tougue 
Why do twigs shake with vibrations of joy 
Freedom is joyous, oh to be young 
This sweet moment, stay 

Buds break from their brown lumps 
Bees leap from their golden pots 
Petals bask in afternoon sun 
Our spring, my escape

Mother’s nature

Whilst bending the universe to shape and form
Our tiny earth was mysteriously born 
Her breath became the wind up there 
A voice like thunder in the bellowing air 

Her veins cut rivers from mountain to sea 
Soft flesh became earth for the growing trees
Grass sprouted like newly grown hair
Sweat came as rain to share it’s despair 

Her haunting character defines our being 
Holds a tight grip on our life and meaning 
Born by the struggle of starting a new 
Nature is the atom she speaks to us through

Out of reach

Exhausted by love for those unknown 
Stretching for life where none is grown  
Scrambling around for kindness to give 
Avoiding the truth I can’t bare to live 

Simple happiness feels just out of reach 
A skill hard to learn that’s easy to teach
The walls of my mind are tough as old brick 
Coarse and red - substantial and thick

Lockdown will ease but where will I be
Still searching for something external to me
Endlessly scrolling for what might have been
Needlessly hoping my stars might convene

Again, again

Eyes fixed to the single spot 
His crazed gaze cannot rest 
An animal possessed 

Smooth rubber, red and round 
Weighted and bouncy 
My ball, his bounty

An object time forgot 
Days pass running and chasing 
Never slowing, still racing 

Then it’s found 
A glimpse of purpose soaks the air
Joy everywhere 

Again, again 

Tabala Rasa

I am Tabala Rasa 
Born in circumstance 
I come with no knowledge 
No previous romance 

I will be made by you 
Moulded and shaped 
Circum to your will
Live for your sake 

To listen to your words
Is to dance in the fields 
My mind rich with life 
My heart now revealed 

Don’t stop your teaching 
I will fail to grow 
Keep watering my being 
With all that you know  

3 days & 3 nights

Once a month our sky changes it’s way
The moon vanishes for 3 days and 3 nights 
It slips behind sheets of blue and black
The darkest stretch of the heavenly cycle 
It calls to us 

Jonah struggled in the belly of the whale 
Beowulf sank to the pits of the lake 
For 3 days and 3 nights they did not give up 
They rose again from the deep 
Can I be as brave?

Tears drip knowing those I love will enter this struggle 
Yet my belly decides to never give up
Not to darkness that sheds light on noble resolve 
I shall fight for 3 days and 3 nights 
I will

Go together

My feet stumble
My words mumble
My life humble
I know why

The chapter gone
The era worn
The curtain drawn

Two hearts shown
Two people grown
Two lives sewn

Your time blessed
Your souls left
Your bodies rest
Go together

Naked ambition

I feel it pull from the depths
Sparking tears and sweats
A silent wish
Bubbling beneath

A sacrifice made
A career now fades
A life incomplete
Sending it’s tremors

My own gravity is reversed
As his messages unearth
He is silently calling
I’m trapped

Though I know I shouldn’t
I’ll do what he couldn’t
Leave it with me
A circle complete


Mans search for meaning and fulfilment
Was no greater than his on that day
Desperate for validation from peers
Holding his breath for a chance

Lean and tall with an intensity of character
Few posses charisma at their fingertips
But his eyes told a different story
Lost and nauseas, too long at sea

I’d been searching for a soul misplaced
With aptitude to power our ship
A hype man to mould and then release
A birds loving care before its first flight

I went all in
He saw his opportunity and he took it
Difficulty and challenge was inevitable
But his force of will was unprecedented

A year on, the glint in his eye sparkles
Enlightened by ambition and friendship
Though the path chosen is untrodden
One foot now follows the other

A new found belief in his own direction
Gifts identity and contentment
But don’t look back too little or too often
You’ve come quite some way my friend