Collisions of love

On this day we notice how some pass undisturbed and still. To often, the hands of time hand us little, so our searching hearts stay hidden in shade. Love that remains elusive, not easily made.

Yet in an old city finding its way, two souls were woven by salt and sea. A land of dragons and old country gave life to a pairing beginning  today and ready for tomorrow, come what may.

As the years roll by, they’ll remember this: This collision of love that holds them. That whispers and screams in equal measure. That never dims or fades. That through pain or pleasure, hears one another.

We, those who love you are richer for your gift to each other. The endless laughs and the endless fun will ring in our ears and in our memories. In our own tales and in our old stories.

Let us dance for what’s to come. As you leap from the shade into the warming light. As time sharpens your depth of heart. As you grow old together, year by year. As your love collides, as it did here.