Calling me back

The end of an era
But I hear her
Calling me back
Gripping me harder

Harder than the quiet
The peace I awake too
A pleasure it has been to sit and dwell
But I hear her

Whispering to come back
To life as it was
The circus of emotion and ambition
Brutish said Hobbes

“Don’t be scared”, she says
“The emotion will pass
What you achieve with your day
Will surely last”

Her voice is close by
Like an echo returning home
Circling around me
Vibrating my bones

I can feel her presence
But I didn’t foresee
Or think for one moment
That perhaps she was me

A message left behind
Intended to persuade
To call myself back
Stear me this way

A trail of breadcrumbs
To a life hard and fast
When all I wanted
Was our holiday to last