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Friend Ships

The vehicle of meaning in a modern world
Friend ships shape the young and old
True companions of the heart find grip
That rarely let go but occasionally tip

The more you acquire, the harder to keep
The fewer you hold, the less they compete
The older you get, the more they matter
For man on his own will age much faster

Others set sail before you can blink
Some run aground and inevitably sink
But all connect us to a greater existence
The human endeavour of greatest Persistence

Calling me back

The end of an era
But I hear her
Calling me back
Gripping me harder

Harder than the quiet
The peace I awake too
A pleasure it has been to sit and dwell
But I hear her

Whispering to come back
To life as it was
The circus of emotion and ambition
Brutish said Hobbes

“Don’t be scared”, she says
“The emotion will pass
What you achieve with your day
Will surely last”

Her voice is close by
Like an echo returning home
Circling around me
Vibrating my bones

I can feel her presence
But I didn’t foresee
Or think for one moment
That perhaps she was me

A message left behind
Intended to persuade
To call myself back
Stear me this way

A trail of breadcrumbs
To a life hard and fast
When all I wanted
Was our holiday to last


The tunnels of London an extreme conundrum
World class engineering yet terrible steering
Women standing but men sitting
Baby’s crying and the elderly reading

Mayfair hats next to builders bags
Shiny suits and worn out boots
Packed in tight with very little light
Silence amid the crowds piled in

London at its best and it’s worst
It’s care and it’s lust
Hated and loved
By all races and faces

Military Meg

Get up, get up
Did you not hear what I said
Ferocious in the morning
Is Military Meg

Walk the dog
Clean the flat
Make my breakfast
You lazy brat

We’ve got things to do
People to see
Get dressed and move
Or you won’t be seeing me

She means well
Does military meg
It just comes out wrong
Not a bad egg

How did I lose that bastard stick?

How did I lose that bastard stick
Where did it go or was it a trick
He does this thing where he fakes a throw
Makes me think it’s gone then it’s time to go

No, I’m not leaving
I’m not some mug you’re walking
You take me out once a day
Sometimes twice if I pay

Help me find it owner
Give it here or I’ll show ya
Dogs can be a whole lot worse
So help me find it first

Early Sounds

Early rise to singing birds
The songs that start the year
A verse of real and a chorus of hope 
I long to hear

A melody for the ages 
Rich sounds of trees
The rustling of leaves 
A gentle breeze

I’m alone up here
Most are sleeping still
The open marshes of Leyton
Yet to spend their thrill

A full day blocked till 8
For heavens sake 
Thank goodness for the sounds 
Noises you can’t fake 

Wandering afternoons with family

A city to wander
An afternoon to ponder
A sober mind to dwell
How to spend a life well

Family is never questioned
And rightly never sectioned
For people may pass
But some bonds last

Bonds that give space for questions
Reveal vulnerability and emotion
A life long search
To find ones earth

A sad goodbye
To a special guy
Just got back, milo seems glad
He says hi Grandad


A web of thrills and spills 
A holding for you to choose 
A crunch that tends to bite 
A power with lots to lose 

The shit that matters
The shit that other people sort out 
A mood that swings with little reason 
A money tree ready to sprout 


Dog on the train 
At it again 
I’m going insane  

One person plays 
One person groans 
Take the dog home 

Bring the dog in 
Or stay in the flat?
Give me a Cat

The Boss

Council flat
Silver spoon 
Food bank
Dinner soon 

Find work


Bin man
The boss