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At peace with the deceased

I can feel them talking in their new world 
In the clouds that echo above the sky
Silently, my mind floats up to call on them both 
Silently, I watch    

I don’t know why I feel close to the dead 
To grandparents who left in years past 
Maybe the anxiety and pressures of earth fade 
Maybe we are unshackled from the forces here  

Up there, time doesn’t move so fast 
But it’s not slow or dull or dead 
A peace that breeds our truest love  
At peace with the deceased 

The souls clock

I used to think 
This soul of mine had an older nature 
My gasping for air in youth 
Found maturity early 
It wasn’t real though

30 feels like 13 
Souls wrapped in flesh work different 
My warm cheeks age 
And skin stretches
Yet my soul stays on

Like gliding to a never ending stop 
One gear for the trip 
My souls clock doesn’t tick 
It started old 
and will end young 

Collisions of love

On this day we notice how some pass undisturbed and still. To often, the hands of time hand us little, so our searching hearts stay hidden in shade. Love that remains elusive, not easily made.

Yet in an old city finding its way, two souls were woven by salt and sea. A land of dragons and old country gave life to a pairing beginning  today and ready for tomorrow, come what may.

As the years roll by, they’ll remember this: This collision of love that holds them. That whispers and screams in equal measure. That never dims or fades. That through pain or pleasure, hears one another.

We, those who love you are richer for your gift to each other. The endless laughs and the endless fun will ring in our ears and in our memories. In our own tales and in our old stories.

Let us dance for what’s to come. As you leap from the shade into the warming light. As time sharpens your depth of heart. As you grow old together, year by year. As your love collides, as it did here.


Why do we seek the wildness 
Disorder and irregularity 
Why do we seek the truth
In the depths of self-willed land 

Land that proceeds by its own laws 
Listens to its own spirit 
Protrudes confidence of place
A blunt force of reckoning 

I want that for myself 
Let me breathe this air a fresh 
Oxygen of the sea that brushes in 
To lungs longing for harvest


Early enough to avoid the wasps 
Late enough to soak the sun 
On the banks of the river 
The summer has begun 

Out of lockdown 
Into the air 
London streets heave
A free affair 

Beers on mass 
Like bees who won’t settle 
A drink from each pub 
Petal to petal  

The sun finds it dusk 
As the night draws near 
Times of sorrow 
We just want more beers


The river bends 
Twisting between brick 
Loaded by humans 
Building their nests 

City smoke settles 
Yet water vanishes  
Escapes through shoots 
Down hidden holes 

An unknown world  
Quiet and secret 
Never stops moving 
Trickling and trickling

The skate

Welcome noble advisers 
You’ve skated this lake before 
Made the mistakes we are yet to make 
Returned hands fresh from the fall

Your impact will be instant  
Give us confidence 
A new found protection 
A sky high fortress 

So long as accountability still drips it’s rain 
So long as listening seeps down to our committed hearts 
So long as experimenting continues unrelenting
So long as leading is not a second thought  

Our success 
Lies with us
Like yours 
Gone before us  

This frozen lake beckons
To skate it’s ridges 
To fail or to fall
Will be our mission abridged

Your council we seek 
To get us far 
Spot the pitfalls 
Raise our bar 

Yet no two paths are exactly alike  
Where structures align, details differ 
Our route will not be dealt to us 
But by us

The moment belongs to this team
Who dare to give their skin
We’ll lean on your council  
Where the ice wears thin 


This brisk walk might get me there 
To city streets and London air 
I make the train, seconds to spare 
Find my seat and fix my hair 

The bulking trees of Earlsfield clear 
Brick top roofs of ‘Claham’ appear 
My journeys south start from here 
But I’m heading north, london is near 

Vauxhall means trains and not much else 
I’m here every day but come by myself 
Men and women of pittance and wealth 
Give it worth, but not in of itself  

Our final stop at Waterloo 
Sparkly buildings all shiny and new 
A city to throw my all into 
Couldn’t escape if I wanted to  

My escape

That green scent of spring tickles my tougue 
Why do twigs shake with vibrations of joy 
Freedom is joyous, oh to be young 
This sweet moment, stay 

Buds break from their brown lumps 
Bees leap from their golden pots 
Petals bask in afternoon sun 
Our spring, my escape

Mother’s nature

Whilst bending the universe to shape and form
Our tiny earth was mysteriously born 
Her breath became the wind up there 
A voice like thunder in the bellowing air 

Her veins cut rivers from mountain to sea 
Soft flesh became earth for the growing trees
Grass sprouted like newly grown hair
Sweat came as rain to share it’s despair 

Her haunting character defines our being 
Holds a tight grip on our life and meaning 
Born by the struggle of starting a new 
Nature is the atom she speaks to us through