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The skate

Welcome noble advisers 
You’ve skated this lake before 
Made the mistakes we are yet to make 
Returned hands fresh from the fall

Your impact will be instant  
Give us confidence 
A new found protection 
A sky high fortress 

So long as accountability still drips it’s rain 
So long as listening seeps down to our committed hearts 
So long as experimenting continues unrelenting
So long as leading is not a second thought  

Our success 
Lies with us
Like yours 
Gone before us  

This frozen lake beckons
To skate it’s ridges 
To fail or to fall
Will be our mission abridged

Your council we seek 
To get us far 
Spot the pitfalls 
Raise our bar 

Yet no two paths are exactly alike  
Where structures align, details differ 
Our route will not be dealt to us 
But by us

The moment belongs to this team
Who dare to give their skin
We’ll lean on your council  
Where the ice wears thin 


This brisk walk might get me there 
To city streets and London air 
I make the train, seconds to spare 
Find my seat and fix my hair 

The bulking trees of Earlsfield clear 
Brick top roofs of ‘Claham’ appear 
My journeys south start from here 
But I’m heading north, london is near 

Vauxhall means trains and not much else 
I’m here every day but come by myself 
Men and women of pittance and wealth 
Give it worth, but not in of itself  

Our final stop at Waterloo 
Sparkly buildings all shiny and new 
A city to throw my all into 
Couldn’t escape if I wanted to  

3 days & 3 nights

Once a month our sky changes it’s way
The moon vanishes for 3 days and 3 nights 
It slips behind sheets of blue and black
The darkest stretch of the heavenly cycle 
It calls to us 

Jonah struggled in the belly of the whale 
Beowulf sank to the pits of the lake 
For 3 days and 3 nights they did not give up 
They rose again from the deep 
Can I be as brave?

Tears drip knowing those I love will enter this struggle 
Yet my belly decides to never give up
Not to darkness that sheds light on noble resolve 
I shall fight for 3 days and 3 nights 
I will


Mans search for meaning and fulfilment
Was no greater than his on that day
Desperate for validation from peers
Holding his breath for a chance

Lean and tall with an intensity of character
Few posses charisma at their fingertips
But his eyes told a different story
Lost and nauseas, too long at sea

I’d been searching for a soul misplaced
With aptitude to power our ship
A hype man to mould and then release
A birds loving care before its first flight

I went all in
He saw his opportunity and he took it
Difficulty and challenge was inevitable
But his force of will was unprecedented

A year on, the glint in his eye sparkles
Enlightened by ambition and friendship
Though the path chosen is untrodden
One foot now follows the other

A new found belief in his own direction
Gifts identity and contentment
But don’t look back too little or too often
You’ve come quite some way my friend

Paint in watercolour

Visions live in our imagination 
Time and space weave together as stories
Pioneers paint visions for others to see
Explosive ideas that burst at their seams

Beware, change is life’s only constant
Systems are random, complex and peculiar 
Your stories will mould and naturally so
Whatever you do, paint in watercolour

Use your thumb and smudge the edges 
Listen to others who slate your endeavours 
Soak information like a sponge gone dry 
Seek out contrarians and withstand their pressure 

Continue to celebrate your wildest ideas
Don’t stop imagining, building or crafting 
Fiction defines what it means to be human 
So paint it in watercolour, may it be everlasting


It eats away 
Every day a chunk
More painful with time
A moth to her cloth

Strips of my pride
Flake away as dust
The longer it resides
The deeper she dives

Shame starts small
Slowly taking its hold
It has found my weak part of character
Burnt out and decayed

Trapped by the inevitable
Commitments ive made
To people who’ve been promised
And those with my name

The route out is lit
It’s clear to see
Yet I can’t bring myself
To its jaws of defeat

Turn the other way
Let it wash over
Another day gone
Another day older


Breath hits the air
Wind through your hair
Nature at its best
Your body at its test

I shouldn’t but I did
Hit and then I hid
Lust of greed and man
To fight the best you can

In over head
More than first said
A word hard to keep
But a necessary feet

Adrenaline of sorts
As events take their course
No feeling could ever touch
A taste of fucking rush

Friend Ships

The vehicle of meaning in a modern world
Friend ships shape the young and old
True companions of the heart find grip
That rarely let go but occasionally tip

The more you acquire, the harder to keep
The fewer you hold, the less they compete
The older you get, the more they matter
For man on his own will age much faster

Others set sail before you can blink
Some run aground and inevitably sink
But all connect us to a greater existence
The human endeavour of greatest Persistence

Nah not me

Things are going way too good 
Just the way I thought they would
Hit the numbers I said we’d hit 
Out in front and we’re the shit 

Like an eary breeze the mist sweeps in
A cloud with truth wafer thin
That old self doubt is here to last 
The play is written and the set is cast

I’ll watch from the stalls 
Observe the brawls 
No chance it’s me 
How could it be 

Balls I’m up, huh, what the fuck 
Thought I was watching and now I’m in luck?
Ok I’ll improvise and see how it goes 
Find the courage and get back on my toes 


Beware of the Medium.
Creativity is surreptitious. Shot from the galapagos. 
From nowhere and anywhere
Don't be afraid get it out there. Go Short.

Learn from what you share.
Commit to positive change. Go long.
Fear of judgement will freeze creativity. This will lead to negativity
Listen obsessively. Embrace your sensitivity.

Live openly. Execute instantly.
Commit to the change you want to see.
Do it both in the moment and the long term.
Or you'll morph into Medium